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About Us

WeShall Investments is a premier Canadian private equity firm with a diverse portfolio of investments that demonstrates our agility in various industries across Canada, the U.S., and the Caribbean.

Our Mission

To build a leading private equity firm generating superior long-term investment returns collaboratively with BIPOC entrepreneurs and companies promoting diversity.

Our Philosophy and Approach

Through strategic partnerships with socially conscious leaders, lenders, investors and culturally diverse entrepreneurs, WeShall maximizes financial value, creating transformative and self-sustaining environmental and social change. WeShall uses an ethical and values-based approach to deliver the best business and societal success in everything we touch.

WeShall believes that building people up, serving the under-served, making a positive difference, and building for the long-term will pay the greatest dividends.

Our Founding Principles

  • WeShall build people up
  • WeShall serve the under-served
  • WeShall always do the harder right versus the easy wrong
  • WeShall make a lasting positive difference in our culture, our stakeholders, and the world
  • WeShall remember that where we started from matters less than where we finish
  • WeShall always remember where we came from to fuel our drive to get where we’re going
  • WeShall give back to the communities in which we work and live

WeShall Investment Criteria

Through strategic partnerships with BIPOC entrepreneurs and companies promoting diversity, WeShall focuses on investment opportunities with the following characteristics:

  • Significant minority or control equity investments
  • Industry-agnostic but place a strong focus on ESG factors in our investment decisions
  • Mid-market companies that are currently cash flow positive or on-track to positive cash flow
  • Companies based in North America / Caribbean regions
  • Strong, committed management teams with deep industry experience
  • Businesses with a sustainable competitive advantage and current/future pricing power
  • Target enterprise value of $5-$150 million